Over 20 years of experience in domestic and international patent, copyright, and trademark prosecution, litigation and licensing.  Extensive experience in U.S. and international patent procurement for electrical and mechanical inventions, district court and appellate litigation, PTAB and TTAB proceedings, intellectual property transactions, client counseling, supervision and training, expert testimony, patent pooling and assertion entity agreements, emerging technology monetizing strategies, corporate formation and governance, business plans, financing, due diligence, intellectual property title clearance, and strategic development of patent and trademark portfolios.  Representative technologies include electric power and switchgear, network gateways and controllers, concrete curing and fabrication, plant growing and biochar systems, network protection and load balancing, antenna and DVB-S systems, aviation and automotive safety systems, semiconductors and integrated circuits, medical devices and data storage, fiber optic probes and monitoring systems, amusement park rides, package handling systems, vending machines, machines for manufacturing corrugated cardboard, power conditioning equipment, electric vehicles, combustion technologies, telecommunications, image processing, reconfigurable hardware, computer software, and a wide variety of business models and designs. Representative past and present clients include: EMS Technologies, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Microsoft, United Parcel Service, Acacia Research, BellSouth, Clyde Bergemann, Southern States, ProBrand, Advanced Technologies (ATI), International Technologies (ITI), Tomberlin Automotive Group (TAG), Flowfinity, and Lifestream Technologies.


ATI has over 500 granted and pending patents, and we have been involved in hotly contested patent litigation against major automobile manufacturers and airlines for over a decade. Mehrman Law Office handles contingent fee litigation and provides invaluable assistance to ATI on our most complex patent prosecution matters. Mike has the best skill set of any patent attorney we have encountered, and we have used quite a few. He provides down to earth, understandable advice and cost effective representation.

David BreedCEO, Automotive Technologies International, Inc.

Mike Mehrman, for the last 15 years, has handled all my intellectual property matters for two successful startups one which was a public company. We have trusted Mr. Mehrman to handle our patent and trademark portfolios, which are our considered as one of the most valuable assets of our company. He has provided IP legal services at a high standard, delivers in timely fashion at a cost effective rate.

Christopher MausCEO, LifeNexus, Inc.

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